A Digital Business Support System

Building upon and digitising a rich history of supporting SME clients through Trusted, Expert, Advice, we have developed Exemplas Connect to help you meet your business support objectives. Through this unique and intelligent 24/7 digital platform, we help SMEs to engage, address business challenges and succeed - Exemplas Connect can also be blended with access to traditional advisory services.

Government contracts are increasingly required to deliver more in respect of service offering, audience reach, and return on investment, as well as emphasising evidence of impact and outputs. With this in mind, we have evolved the way business support can be delivered more effectively and efficiently. Enter Exemplas Connect. Combining both digital and face-to-face advice, it can augment existing services to meet the Government’s ‘Digital by Default’ objective.

Automatically Triage Your Clients' Needs and Provide Relevant Support

Tailorable to meet your service needs and SME customer journey, Exemplas Connect gives you the intelligence you need to inform and shape policy, discharge funding and business support programmes, as well as provide evidence of contract performance. It can be licensed to you alongside our experienced advisory team (as part of our full-service advisory offer), or as a separately licensed proposition to support you in delivering your programmes efficiently and effectively. 

You have the opportunity to powerfully and seamlessly develop and build your business support ecosystem on one platform, connecting your customers to advisers, events, resources and funding. It allows you to provide advice and guidance by triaging where a business is at in their journey, ensuring that your customers can quickly begin to receive the support they want, how they want. Your customers can manage their profile, connect directly with your business support Marketplace and funded support, as well as list their buying opportunities and advertise their services to other businesses.

To meet your branding, service and customer journey objectives, Exemplas Connect can be white labelled, customised and configured as required.

Intelligence. Advice. Guidance.

Exemplas Connect focuses on intelligence, advice and guidance to enhance business support services.

Intelligence. Powerful data and insights from tailored diagnostics and user journeys to aid decision-making and contract evidencing, alongside the ability to provide the right support to businesses directly or refer to others in your ecosystem.

Advice. Advisers and the wider support landscape are connected directly to SMEs and each other through one tool – enabling relationship management and action plans to come together and be tracked and timed for evidencing.

Guidance. Built-in logic analyses the data inputted from the business to guide, signpost and recommend resources, events and content that’s targeted for them. This enables the customer to self-serve by accessing your services and programmes 24/7, moving them along your business support journey.

Data and Insights

Get unparalleled insight into the support businesses need.

Assess impact and trends as a result of the services you provide to your customers. The ability to segment, interrogate and report data enables you to gain invaluable insight into trends and patterns that can inform and shape future policies and funding opportunities.

Within the platform, there is also automated time-tracking and a user journey log for evidencing contract and funding outputs.

Supporting Your Customers Efficiently and Effectively

Increased Capacity and Reduced Costs

Deal with a greater volume of businesses, whilst reducing overheads.

One-stop Shop

Stakeholders and advisers work together through one piece of software.

Value-added Service

Enhance your position to customers through a guided ‘self-serve’ model.

Added Functionality

Sit Exemplas Connect alongside your existing website or utilise the integrated website features.

Contract Reporting

Automated time-tracking and user log to meet contract outputs.

Bring your business support landscape together in one place

One-to-One Adviser Support

Customer can interact directly with advisers to review tasks and action plans, including via live chat.

An Exclusive Online Business Resource Hub

Home to an expansive collection of guides, templates and other resources.

Exclusive Events Directory

Customers can register interest in attending business events, and list their own.

Facilitate Connections Through the Marketplace

Your customers can build their own connections and establish relationships.

Find Out More About Exemplas Connect

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