Working with a London University

We were brought in by a London university to work with our third intake of students who were on an Undergraduate International Internships Programme. We were tasked with finding international students from across Europe, the USA and South America, 12 week internships for their semester in the UK, to further enhance their academic experience. All of the students we worked with were successfully placed in suitable internship roles.

The student’s areas of study ranged across all disciplines, making engagement with employers from all industries vital to the success of this programme. We engaged with over 50 London employers to source internship opportunities which matched the student’s skills and future career ambitions.

Prior to their arrival in London, we provided support and advice to the students with CVs, matched them to suitable internship opportunities and coordinated Skype interviews to ensure students were placed in roles. Upon arrival in London, we held orientation sessions with the students to ensure they were fully prepared and knew what to expect, as well as gave them the chance to ask any questions prior to beginning their internship. We also provided on-going support to the students throughout their internships and advice on how to make the most of the opportunity in order to enhance their employability.

Feedback from employers in London was extremely positive, with many stating that students bring fresh ideas to the team. One employer stated “we have nothing but praise for all of the interns we have received through this programme, they have all been of great assistance to the department and we look forward to welcoming more interns”

We have also worked with the same London institution to support several cohorts of Japanese students, studying in the UK for a year and looking to find internships in London for a three month period. We created bespoke training materials, ran group interview skills workshops and carried out 1:1 mock interviews, providing feedback to the students to ensure they are fully prepared in order to secure an internship.


“I felt like a full time employee of the company and learnt so much to help me develop and progress in my future career.”

Student feedback

Student, Undergraduate International Internships Programme