Our Work With The Education Sector

Maximising Student and Employee engagement

The education sector is highly competitive. Education is far more than simply providing a learning platform that leads to a qualification. We’re acutely aware that students are looking at you to provide an experience that will help them succeed now and in the future.

We offer specialist advisory services to help you raise your profile with the local community and with the education sector as a whole. We do this by engaging with you and your in-house teams to develop and enhance your proposition to students, graduates and businesses. Our collaboration with you ensures they’re benefitting from all you have to offer such as employability matching services, degree apprenticeships, placements etc.

All our services are accessible, scalable and affordable. We act in place of, or as an extension to your in-house teams. Having worked with the likes of Middlesex University, the University of Northampton and the University of Hertfordshire, we have a proven track record of helping communities prosper while improving institutional ranking. And we can help you do this too.

Why Work With Us

"Collaborating with an external partner is really what has enabled us to make this service such a success. Our partnership with Exemplas has given us immediate and timely access to a flexible and experienced resource pool that enables us to meet peaks and troughs in demand across the range of services offered. Rather than adding an extra dimension to the employability service, Exemplas has provided the backbone for it."

Kate Douglas, Director of Employability, Middlesex University