Powering performance through people

At Exemplas, we appreciate the time and cost barriers small and medium enterprises encounter when recruiting, managing people and filling skills gaps. That's where Exemplas comes in, providing Employment Solutions that reduce your costs, improve efficiency, provide valuable talents and free you to focus on your business.

Providing the talent you need to grow

Perhaps you need skilled people to start immediately or high-quality graduate support during an urgent project. Or you might need new employees to start training from the moment they join your company. Whatever you want from your staff, our Employment Solutions will identify what needs to be done, and then help you do it.

Your choice of Employment Solutions

Our selection of Employment Solutions will save you time, reduce your costs, overcome skills gaps, and help grow your business.

Gaining work-ready employees: Appoint trained, screened and quality people with our Pre-employment Programmes.

Appointing graduate talents: Access a talented graduate workforce with minimal costs, risks and commitment.

Securing skilled apprentices: Choose an apprenticeship programme that secures eager and competent staff.

Chelsea & Westminster NHS Trust Case Study

Exemplas gives you quick and easy access to trained, workplace-ready individuals.

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"Exemplas gives you quick and easy access to trained, workplace-ready individuals."

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