Improving your processes

Increasingly, customers are demanding that small and medium enterprises adopt quality processes and standards. So it's important your business maximises every sales opportunity by gaining the appropriate processes and certifications. Process Improvement from Exemplas will take care of everything on a flexible basis that suits your business.

Process Improvement elements

The Process Improvement service from Exemplas comprises:

  • a comprehensive review of your current processes and requirements
  • support for achieving many business outcomes, including reducing wastage, boosting operational efficiency, minimising health and safety risk, and maximising repeat business
  • implementing and maintaining standards including ISO 9001 (Quality Management), OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management).

The benefits to your business

Delivering improved results: Process Improvement provides consistent, efficient and scalable business processes that reduce your costs and enhance performance.

Creating client opportunities: the service delivers efficiencies that improve relationships and give clients the confidence to use your services.

Ensuring compliance: achieving quality standards will ensure your business complies with all relevant legislation and stakeholder concerns.

Linking business success with the development of your people

To build a sustainable organisation which performs consistently well, you need to invest in developing your people. At Exemplas we specialise in helping organisations understand and implement strategy that transforms business performance through people. By partnering with us we will enable you to successfully manage change, increase efficiency and service delivery, maximise profitability, increase sales, and improve productivity and employee engagement. Through creating a culture of developing and support we will ensure you have access to a skilled and flexible workforce that can give your organisation a competitive edge, and help you to achieve your vision and objectives.

The benefits to your business

Transform business performance: whatever your strengths, weaknesses and business priorities, we can help you to unlock the value within your organisation, stand out from your competitors, attract and retain the most talented people and even win new business.

A critical friend: whenever you find you want some support or advice, perhaps to improve performance in a particular area, we have specialists who can help you find new approaches to old problems.

Qualiturn Case Study

Case Study: Improving quality to drive efficiency and reduce costs

When precision engineering company, Qualiturn, decided to improve quality to drive efficiency and reduce costs, little did it realise how Exemplas would help the business thrive over the coming years.

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Process Improvement Product Sheet

Giving your business the recognition it deserves

Our Process Improvement solution will help you gain and maintain Standards including ISO 9001 (Quality Management), OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), and ISO 27001(Information Security Management).

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