Measuring development impact

When planning and delivering a learning and development or change programme, insight is everything. In these days of declining budgets, it pays to provide your stakeholders with strong evidence that investing in a programme will fix the people-related challenges in your organisation. Business Analytics from Exemplas brings the certainty you seek.

This unique family of online tools provides a benchmark of your organisation and people before you commit to spending. Then, following delivery of an appropriate learning and development or change programme, the solutions demonstrate a return on investment by measuring progress against the initial benchmark.

Business Analytics elements

Business Analytics from Exemplas comprises these tools:

  • adaptex: measuring your organisation's readiness to change and learn.
  • ManagementTNA: measuring management skills against national standards.
  • KSB360Bespoke: measuring the perceived levels of knowledge, skills and behaviours within a group of learners.

The benefits to your organisation

Unlocking budgets and approval: the tools provide the evidence you need to gain budgets and approval for a learning and development or change programme.

Reducing costs: Business Analytics enables you to focus on your development needs and avoid spending on inappropriate areas. It also enables you to implement an efficient programme rapidly and gain a faster return on investment.

Demonstrating value: the solution's reports present a clear view of your organisation's performance status before, during and after the programme.

Improving future programmes: the tools' benchmarking features provide insights that help you enhance future programmes and focus on core areas of development.

Business Analytics Brochure

Business Analytics is a cost effective solution that delivers insights, learning and development recommendations, cost reductions and a verifiable return on investment.

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"The tools provide easy-to-read reports of your business at organisational, management and operative levels."