Employment through Enterprise

We have vast experience of working collaboratively with councils to support their economic strategies and initiatives. Over the years we have driven projects with a number of public sector organisations; providing employment options for the long-term unemployed and disadvantaged communities.

We identify with the issues public sector organisations can face in order to boost the local economy and drive employment in the area.

Our success in this area has been achieved through working with the unemployed and ‘economically inactive’ to support them in gaining an understanding of the opportunities and risks of self-employment, and in turn encouraging them into sustainable, paid self-employment or employment.

The benefits to your organisation:

Encourage enterprise in the local community: provide guidance for individuals considering setting up a business, improving the local area.

Reduce unemployment rates: support those looking to return to work and long-term unemployed back into the work place.

Support new business ideas: encourage and inspire individuals to progress with their business ideas.

Combat the lack of local jobs: invite the unemployed to create their own opportunities and consider self-employment as a route to work.

Our Employment through Enterprise Support

  • Work Programme
  • Work Choice Programme
  • Building Enterprising Communities
  • Chelsea & Westminster NHS Trust Case Study

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