Powering performance through people

We appreciate the challenges many public sector organisations face to ensure they are supporting the local economy and boosting employment in the area, so let us help you. At Exemplas, we offer a range of provisions to provide individuals with the skills and capabilities to unlock their potential and elevate them to a suitable standard for the work place. This will assist their preparation for future employment or alternatively, support them in the decision to set up their own business.

Providing the talent you need

You may require training to support those in unemployment back into work or alternatively to help individuals with disabilities to find a new occupation. Whatever you want for your local area, our Employment Solutions will identify what needs to be done, and then help you do it.

  • Employment through Enterprise: Supporting public sector organisations to encourage the long-term unemployed and those looking to return to work, to consider self-employment as a route back into the work place.
  • Employability Solutions: Provisions to unlock the potential in people and enterprises through recruitment, one-to-one consultancy services and both pre-employment and vocational training.

Chelsea & Westminster NHS Trust Case Study

Exemplas gives you quick and easy access to trained, workplace-ready individuals.

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"Exemplas gives you quick and easy access to trained, workplace-ready individuals."

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