Graham Coultas

Innovation and Programmes Director

Responsible for securing SME focused support solutions.

With over 20 years of experience in delivering business support services to SMEs and business start-ups, Graham’s career has been characterised by using the skills, knowledge and experience gained by working directly with clients and fund holders in the development and management of new services. As a result, Graham has played a leading role in the delivery of major business support services across the UK & Europe.

Graham’s area of expertise is to develop the programme & policy aspirations of government and fund holders into practical service delivery – to provide the best service to local businesses and individuals, targeting resources exactly where they are needed, to deliver the most effective return on investment.

Key to his success is building effective partnerships with fund holders such as LEPs, government departments and local authorities and matching his programme management experience with an intimate knowledge of the needs of beneficiaries.  To put forward the best possible solution for a potential multi-million pound programme, means facilitating a project team and orchestrating the input of subject matter experts, often within tight deadlines & resource constraints.  In addition, delivering large scale business support and skills programmes invariably means working with partners and building an effective supply chain to meet the requirements of the project specification.

Graham believes firmly that the future success of SMEs in the UK will depend on them seizing opportunities in global markets, constant innovation and embedding a culture of lifelong learning into the workforce.  SMEs should look to make best use of the support that is available to them by keeping in touch with their local Growth Hub & sector networks. This is particularly pertinent to notable key sectors such as digital & creative industries where the sector is moving so quickly that skills & knowledge can become almost obsolete within a few years. 

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