19 Feb 2015

Long term export support confirmed for small and medium sized firms

Great news for SMEs. The Government will sign new five-year contracts with locally based providers to deliver export support to businesses, Trade Minister Lord Livingston announced today. Exemplas is proud to be awarded the contracts for Yorkshire and Humber Region and for the East of England. Read more

22 Jan 2015

Reforming Apprenticeships - Government asks for SME perspective

The government recently issued a statement outlining the next steps in apprenticeship reform in response to a consultation from March last year “The future of apprenticeships in England: funding reform technical consultation”. The two proposed payment models in the consultation were either PAYE or Apprenticeship Credits. Read more

15 Jan 2015

Research reveals “soft skills” are worth an extra £88bn in increased productivity to the UK economy

Research commissioned by McDonalds reveals that “soft skills” are worth an extra £88bn in increased productivity to the UK economy. According to Development Economics and YouGov 97% of employers believe soft skills like team work, time management, decision making and responsibility are beneficial to the economy but surprisingly only half of employees believed that these skills are useable skills. Read more

07 Jan 2015

SMEs left vulnerable by late payments from larger companies

A recent Institute of Directors (IoD) survey has revealed that many SMEs are struggling to manage their finances and are placing plans for growth on hold, as a result of companies failing to pay invoices on time. Read more

06 Jan 2015

A positive outlook amongst UK businesses

UK business confidence is strong for 2015, according to Trevor Williams, Lloyds Bank Chief Economist and member of the shadow Monetary Policy Committee. 2014 saw steady growth across the UK, providing a broad base for economic recovery and looking ahead to 2015 the prospects for continued growth are promising. Read more