Measuring the impact of development

When requesting budgets or recommending a learning and development programme, you need evidence that the proposal will deliver the desired results. Business Analytics from Exemplas is an innovative family of measurement tools that will provide the certainty you seek. The tools present findings before the programme that inform your strategy and learning plan. It then tracks progress throughout the programme, demonstrating and measuring the benefits on completion.

Business Analytics elements

Business Analytics from Exemplas comprises these tools:

  • Adaptex: measuring your organisation's readiness to change and learn.
  • ManagementTNA: measuring management skills against national standards.
  • KSB360Bespoke: measuring the perceived levels of knowledge, skills and behaviours within a group of learners.

The benefits to your business

Unlocking budgets and approval: the tools provide the evidence you require to gain budgets and approval for a learning and development programme.

Reducing costs: Business Analytics enables you to focus on your development needs and avoid spending on inappropriate areas. It also enables you to implement an efficient programme rapidly and gain a faster return on investment.

Demonstrating value: the solution's reports present a clear view of your organisation's skills status before, during and after the programme.

Improving future programmes: the tools' benchmarking features provide insights that help you enhance future programmes and focus on core areas of development.

Business Analytics Brochure

Business Analytics is a cost effective solution that delivers insights, learning and development recommendations, cost reductions and a verifiable return on investment.

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"The tools provide easy-to-read reports of your business at organisational, management and operative levels."