Appointing talents cost-effectively

Finding talented people, for example, to bring fresh ideas, tackle urgent projects or provide specialist skills, can be a challenging task. At Exemplas, our Graduate Internship service will free you from the cost and time involved in finding and appointing skilled graduates. You can employ a graduate for up to 12 weeks before deciding whether to appoint them permanently. The service provides highly trained and motivated people at a fraction of the usual costs, with little risk and no long-term commitment.

Graduate Internship elements

Graduate Internship from Exemplas comprises:

  • a choice of hundreds of high-calibre graduate interns from a range of universities
  • advertising your vacancy and sourcing potential candidates for interviews.

The benefits to your business

Delivering flexible resource: the service provides flexible and cost-effective resource with lasting benefits.

Expanding your workforce: graduate interns can enter your business on short-term projects or fill resource gaps temporarily or permanently, if successful.

Minimising your risk: a graduate internship enables you and the graduate to test the suitability of the role with minimal risk to your business.

Chelsea & Westminster NHS Trust Case Study

Exemplas gives you quick and easy access to trained, workplace-ready individuals.

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"Exemplas gives you quick and easy access to trained, workplace-ready individuals."

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