Supporting your clients

It's never been more important for major corporates to find new ways of providing additional value for clients. Advice on Demand from Exemplas enables your business to do just that, offering your clients instant access to valuable business information and support. Delivered online or via telephone by qualified business advisers, this easily implemented round-the-clock solution aims to boost your bottom line, enhance loyalty and reduce risk.

Advice on Demand elements

The Advice on Demand service from Exemplas provides:

  • answers to essential business questions, such as sourcing, accounts and getting legal advice
  • advice on areas including strategic and operational planning (helping your clients plan for growth); and coaching and mentoring (coaching your clients on improving team performance and unlocking individuals' potential)
  • specialist business advice covering areas such as legal (protecting ideas); financial (implementing an effective financial management system); and market research (analysing new markets rapidly).

The benefits to your business

Increasing revenue: Advice on Demand gives you a fast route to a new revenue stream, with Exemplas taking care of providing your service.

Improving client loyalty: your clients will value and appreciate gaining access to information and advice that helps them grow their businesses.

Standing out from the competition: provide an enhanced support offering and gain new PR opportunities.

Building your brand: if you're in the business of assisting your clients' businesses, Advice on Demand is a proven service that will strengthen your proposition.

Promoting your products and services: delivering the Advice on Demand service will secure profitable promotional, cross-selling and product-testing opportunities.

Business Support Brochure

At Exemplas, our specialist teams will analyse and diagnose your challenges; transform research into success; and ensure your business has the right processes in place.

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"Whatever your barriers to success, we will help your business realise its full potential."