Developing Consultants and Mentors

Developing consultants and advisers

The global recession has placed increasing pressures on business consultants and advisers. Many of these specialists have good business knowledge but require a new set of skills to provide quality services. Additionally, many donors seek evidence of qualifications to ensure an individual can support businesses effectively.

The Diploma in Management Consultancy provides the skills and certainty that consultants, advisers and donors seek. Delivered over 10 days, the qualification is awarded by the Institute of Consulting, which is part of the CMI.

Improving coaching and mentoring skills

Coaching is an excellent way of enhancing staff performance, encouraging ideas and launching better businesses. However, coaches need to be trained to be effective. Exemplas offers a Professional Coach/Mentor training programme, backed by an internationally recognised qualification from the CMI. The training is designed for people wishing to become coaches or mentors, and those requiring a formal qualification within their role.

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