Track record

Project Name: Business Link Yorkshire

Country: UK

Duration: 01/07/2007-31/03/2011

Budget: EUR 99,000,000

Funder: UK Government

Description: Part of the contract to set up and run the UK Government's Business Link initiative through two UK regions (East of England and Yorkshire). Exemplas was commissioned to manage and simplify a fragmented system of four sub-regional outfits providing SME supports. services include SME Strategy Development, Innovation/Technology, Enquiry/Advisory service, Start-up Support, Management and Work force Development, Financial Structuring, International Tradings.

Project Name: Business Link East

Country: UK

Duration: 01/04/2007-31/03/2010

Budget: EUR 57,825,890

Funder: UK Government

Description: Part of the contract to set up and run the UK Government's Business Link initiative in the East of England region. Exemplas was commissioned to manage and simplify a fragmented system of six county-based outfits providing SME supports. The service provides a 'one stop shop' of intormation, diagnostics, advice and brokerage for SMEs including Start-Up Support, International Trade, Innovation and Technology, Information/Counselling service, SME Strategy Development, Financial Structuring for Businesses.

Project Name: Accelerating Green Informal Learning Project

Country: UK

Duration: 01/09/2009-31/03/2010

Budget: EUR 112,000

Funder: Department for innovation, Universities and Skills

Description: Aimed to design, pilot, refine & promote a community- based self-help mechanism for accelerating the informal learning through which organisations and individuals gain environmental awareness, knowledge and the motivation to act. In the ways of improve informal learning, invest in quality enviromental learning activities, learning material, licensing/franchising, recruitments, green mentoring, Positive local press coverage.

Project Name: Article 6 - Social Dialogue

Country: UK, Canary Islands, Portugal, Italy

Duration: 05/11/2001-05/11/2003

Budget: EUR 1,112,741

Funder: EU - Article 6

Description: This project was to development and testing of new frameworks to improve business support and labour force development services in participating regions. This was done through focusing on the areas of Lifelong Learning, Quality systems for small and micro businesses, health and safety systems for small and micro businesses. we were responsible for the data collection and project dissemination activities, working closely with the lead partner FIFEDE.

Project Name: BioPark Lab

Country: UK

Duration: 01/01/2006-31/03/2009

Budget: EUR 8,900,000

Funder: East of England Development Agency (EEDA)

Description: Built as a research and development facility by Roche pharmaceuticals in Welwyn Garden City. In 2006 the site was sold to EEDA for re-development with an agreement that part of Roche’s site would continue to be used for Research and Development. It makes the facility more accessable to the SMEs in the region and provide high-quality resources to help with tradings.

Project Name: Bulgarian SME Promotion Agency Regional Offices Project

Country: Bulgaria

Duration: 01/04/2005-31/03/2007

Budget: EUR 131,920

Funder: British Government – Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Description: To develop the capacity of 45 members of staff who had been recruited to run advisory and information services within 28 SME Promotion Agency regional office through out Bulgaria. This involves Design of Tranining which suits specific needs of the regional offices, Review existing capacity to meet the market, SWOT analysis, Construct HR strategy, Design and production of training materials, Mapping processes for record keeping, Identification of sources of local SME datas, recommendations for development of databanks, assessment of experience of staff and identification of need for marketing materials.

Project Name: Business Employment Skills Training

Country: UK

Duration: 01/04/2007-31/03/2008

Budget: EUR 211,184

Funder: East of England Development Agency (EEDA)

Description: To encourage individuals from disadvantaged communities to become more business conscious, commercially aware and confident in bring up business ideas and set up business/social enterprices. Involves 242 individuals in some most deprived areas in Hertfordshire.

Project Name: Business London Franchise

Country: UK

Duration: 01/03/2008-31/03/2009

Budget: EUR 112,195

Funder: London Development Agency

Description: The project aimed to deliver accredited, Structured Business Format training to Advisers (5 WS) by focusing on Provision of Franchise awareness workshops, One to One support, Forums, Sponsorship and Full promotion and marketing using hard copy medias with in the local networks.

Project Name: Clusters – Creative Industry – Film and Television Production

Country: UK

Duration: 01/06/2007-30/06/2009

Budget: EUR 529,654

Funder: East of England Development Agency (EEDA)

Description: Aimed to significantly increase the level of Tourism spending in the East of England year on year. This is achieved by enhancing the development of a film and media cluster, focusing on key locations that are already used by film companies. The project aligned closely with the Regional Development Agency’s objectives to support cluster development and to build Cluster Action teams (City Growth Strategies) operating in the region.

Project Name: Clusters – Co-Investment Fund

Country: UK

Duration: 01/12/2003-31/12/2008

Budget: EUR 4,000,000

Funder: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Description: The investment fund was created to deliver positive outcomes in ares of Support of Business Angel network, Provision of business development services, Investment activity that support high growth business firms, Provision of support and practical advice to new business initiatives regarding start-up procedures, Transfer Partnership activity within the University of hertfordshire and Promotional works related to the funds.

Project Name: Creating equal access to entrepreneurship for disadvantaged groups

Country: France, Portugal, Spain, UK

Duration: 2002-2005

Budget: EUR 4,400,000

Funder: European Union (EU)

Description: Project’s aim was to encourage people from disadvantaged groups to consider self-employment, using a structured business format such as franchising, licensing and agency distribution agreements as a business model. Project includes Carrying out research on indeividuals from targeted groups and intermediaries, Develop and pilot new programmes and ongoing support tailored to franchisees and franchisors.

Project Name: Developing Indicators of Adaptability which Lead to Organisational Growth and Underpin Employment (Adaptex Article 6)

Country: UK, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania

Duration: 01/12/2004 - 31/01/2007

Budget: EUR 2,300,000

Funder: EU Structural Funds

Description:The consortium researched the traits and qualities which make an organisation flexible across various countries and functions within Europe. The main objectives of the project were to develop tools to identify protential of individuals, to develope benchmarks to measure in a way which provides an enabling evniroment and eventual promotion of an adaptablility standard/index.

Project Name: Developing Skills Within the Voluntary and Community Sector

Country: UK

Duration: 01/10/2005 - 31/12/2007

Budget: EUR 273,040

Funder: Learning and Skills Council

Description:The project addressed the promotion of lifelong learning and the skills shortage within the voluntary and community sector and provided opportunities for organisations to build a sustainable infrastructure through the skills development of their workforce in the East of England region to reach over 1100 beneficiaries.

Project Name: Environmental Advice for SMEs In the Eastern Region (EASIER)

Country: UK

Duration: 01/04/2009 - 31/10/2010

Budget: EUR 868,856,95

Funder: East of England Development Agency (EEDA)

Description:The EASIER Project was inspired by market failures in two areas: the market for environmental advice/consultancy and the market for pro-environmental goods and services. The Project was set up to help 80 SMEs in the East of England to lower their carbon footprint and the team, comprised of Exemplas and University staff, is helping organisations to identify ways in which this can be achieved by at least 10%. The programme consists of an average of 14 days' involvement with each client SME, structured into four phases: audit, action plan, advice and assessment.

Project Name:East of England Business Link SME Loan Fund (Business Incubator

Country: UK

Duration: 01/07/2004 - 31/12/2007

Budget: EUR 5,036,726

Funder: ERDF and EEDA

Description:Exemplas was given responsibility for Establishing an Investment fund for SMEs in the East of England. The Business Link's SME Loan fund was a Business inncubator programme implemented through the two measures of East Of England Co. Investment Fund and Access to Finance-Investment Readiness Programme.

Project Name: Enterprising Communities

Country: UK

Duration: 01/04/2008 - 31/03/2009

Budget: EUR 335,839


Description:The project aim as to provide individuals with confidence and skills, empowering them by enabling them to gain economic independence and access to new entrepreneurial opportunities and creat supportive enviroment for new small business enterprises.

Project Name: EquityLink

Country: UK

Duration: 1995 - 2000

Budget: EUR 585,000

Funder:UK Government

Description:Exemplas set out to develop a new approach to the age old problem of matching good quality investment propositions with appropriately interested investors. we established a new Business Angel Network, EquityLink™, to bring high net worth investors together with projects requiring equity capital with good potential for rapid growth. Exemplas developed a highly effective networking methodology, documented this process into a replicable manual and successfully licensed the process to business support organisations across the South East of England.

Project Name: Establishing a regional inward investment service

Country: UK

Duration: 01/06/2001 - 30/06/2004

Budget: EUR 443,000

Funder: East of England Development Agency

Description:The Inward Investment Service is designed to provide inward investment advice for overseas countries seeking to set up operations in the UK’s eastern region. The service gathers information from a large number of local, regional and national organisations. Client requests for information may require sourcing information from 10 or more different locations and formats. The client however is always provided with a clear and easy to understand response, presented in a single format and through a single brand.

Project Name: Graduate Internships

Country: East of England and London regions

Duration: 01/11/2009 - 31/03/2011

Budget: EUR 600,000

Funder: HEFCE

Description:UH Ventures were contracted to secure 12 week placement opportunities for non-employed graduates.

Project Name: Hertfordshire Business Start-up Programme

Country: UK

Duration: 01/04/1994 - 31/03/2007

Budget: EUR 9,600,000

Funder: UK Government European Social Funds (EEDA)

Description:The project aimed to assist the development and delivery of Business Start-Up support and training for entrepreneurs in Hertfordshire, UK. Topics covered included Business Ideas Formation, Business Awareness, Business Planning, Use of ICT and Raising Finance. Clients were tracked with regular One to One advice and guidance sessions and other additional services.

Project Name: HR Best Practice Standard Pilot

Country: Czech Republic

Duration: 2004-2005

Budget: EUR 263,000

Funder: EU PHARE

Description:The aim of the project was to test a recognised human resource management/development quality standard through the achievement of which Czech organisations will be able to be identified as excellent practitioners in HRM, lay the groundwork for a speedy roll-out of the standard, throughout the Czech Republic and Develop sufficient information about the costs and impact of the proposed standard for government to evaluate its added value.

Project Name:Improving Management in Pakistan and Bangladesh through the Establishment of a Centre to Accredit Business management Learning in Enterprises (IMPECABLE)

Country: Pakistan

Duration: 01/07/2008 - 31/07/2011

Budget: EUR 267,872

Funder: European Comission

Description:The aim of the project was to improve the quality and requtation of SME management in Pakistan and Bangladesh, with the expectation that this would led to a growth in trade activity between companies in these countries and those in the European Union. The project focus on provide training (including study visits in the UK) to four Pakistani/Bangladeshi management development trainers, as well as to four management development assessor from the region.

Project Name: Increasing Trade Through Structured Investment In People in Pakistan

Country: Pakistan

Duration: 01/03/2004 - 31/03/2006

Budget: EUR 190,353

Funder: European Comission

Description: The aim of the project was to improve the business performance of Pakistani companies in domestic and international markets. An International quality system for human resource development was indroduced in to Pakistan, it was known as Investors in People which involves training of 8 local advisers to work with local companies along with the international experts, assess and benchmarking a group of companies against the quality system and raise them to the level of the investors in People standard, Promoting participant companies within the EU and introducing them to potential trading partners.

Project Name: Leadership & Management London

Country: UK

Duration: 01/08/2008 - 01/03/2011

Budget: EUR 12,012,658

Funder: LSC/ESF

Description: The project was aimed to provide leadership and management training to the local SMEs within the region. Exemplas as the lead partner has provided services of identify candidates with training needs in collaboration with local businesses and stakeholders in the area. Develop a personal delivery plan for each candidate to identify training needs. Broker solutions through local training providers and refer candidates to the most appropriate. Audit and follow up on training provided to ensure it meets the candidate needs and the requirements of the LSC contract.

Project Name: Leadership and Management Yorkshire and Humberside

Country: UK

Duration: 01/08/2008 - 01/03/2011

Budget: EUR 7,100,000

Funder: LSC

Description: The project was aimed to provide leadership and management training to the local SMEs within the region. Exemplas as the lead partner has provided services of identify candidates with training needs in collaboration with local businesses and stakeholders in the area. Develop a personal delivery plan for each candidate to identify training needs. Broker solutions through local training providers and refer candidates to the most appropriate. Audit and follow up on training provided to ensure it meets the candidate needs and the requirements of the LSC contract.

Project Name: Measures to Accelerate Business Angels Markets (MACCBAM)

Country: Greece, France, Italy and UK

Duration: 01/04/2009 - 31/03/2012

Budget: EUR 1,430,000

Funder: ERDF via Gov Office East

Description: The project aims to build and test a coherent framework for planning and implementing joint sustainable measures in order to accelerate the Business angel’s Market in the MED space. The MED cooperation framework is ideal to reinforce the cooperation between interested partners that form the current consortium and demonstrate proven experience and activities towards the establishment and reinforcement of Business Angels Networks. This is a necessity due to the fact that BANs activities are quite fragmented throughout the Mediterranean. The general objectives of such an endeavour are to strengthen the organizations that can support the creation and the valorization of the Business angel’s networks. Furthermore the partners will promote and support measures within a framework of a Mediterranean Business Angels network among the participating MED countries and regions, while assessing existing policies in the MED space regarding the support of BANs. To this end this solidification of interested organizations and the establishment of partnerships and activities will develop and implement consistent innovation and economic development policies that will generate synergies at a transnational level. The well established consortium has carefully designed the components of the proposed project that will lead to the development of an integrated approach and tools for establishing effective measures to accelerate the development of the BANs in the MED space.

Project Name: Making your Way in Construction

Country: East of England

Duration: 01/07/2009 - 31/12/2012

Budget: £600,000

Funder: ESF

Description: Making Your Way in Construction is an ESF funded programme in the East of England region. The project aims to pilot the use of Group Training Schemes (GTS) to enhance the opportunities for enabling more apprentices in the construction sector become qualified and has better chances of finding and keeping work. The GTS brings together employers and providers and enables them to work together to identify opportunities for apprentices to engage across the group to secure experience and skills that they may not otherwise have with their employer – particularly where their current employer operates within a narrow part of the construction industry.

Project Name: Malta Enterprise Capacity Building

Country: Malta

Duration: 01/09/2006 - 30/06/2007

Budget: EUR 268,500

Funder: EU via Maltese Government

Description: The aim of the project was to upgrade the human resource capacity of Malta Enterprise, so as to better equip it to implement Government enterprise policy in a changed economic situation following accession to the EU. This was delivered through 4 Lots that covering Business environment policy simplification, Developing SME access to finance, Building the capacity of Malta Enterprise to evaluate applications for financial support and Increasing the skill of the human resource capacity of Malta enterprise in this respect.

Project Name: New Horizons

Country: UK

Duration: 01/04/2004 - 30/09/2006

Budget: EUR 1,873,088

Funder: ESF Objective 3

Description: Promote and establish the East of England as a Centre of Excellence for the support and development of women in hard to reach, disadvantaged and socially excluded communities. This is done by setting up a round table consultation exercise, sub-regional action research projects, establish and develop a regional strategic framework, encourage women to develop their business skills and Development of SME businesses in the area of hard to reach areas.

Project Name: Operational Development for Europe’s SME Support Agencies (ODESSA)

Country: UK, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, UAE

Duration: 01/12/2007 - 30/11/2009

Budget: EUR 364,034

Funder: European Commission

Description: The aim of the project was to improve the performance of SMEs by encouraging greater participation in learning by SME managers. The project focused on improving the quality of training for SME managers and making it more relevant by tailoring it to their needs, which was achieved through the introduction of a new set of quality assured standards for publicly funded bodies delivering programmes in the business support sector at both national and regional levels in six partner countries (UK, Spain, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Switzerland and Abu Dhabi).

Project Name: Pathways to Enterprise 09

Country: UK

Duration: 01/04/2007 - 31/03/2009

Budget: EUR 231,665

Funder: EEDA

Description: The project was to increase knowledge to enable social enterprises to make a sustainable contribution to the local economy and in addition, the project was thought to increase employment by providing support to ensure the survival of new businesses as well as encouraging overall entrepreneurship and businesses in the start-up phase.

Project Name: Promote the Increased Participation of Women in Economic, Political and Social Life by Removing Gender Inequalities

Country: UK

Duration: 01/06/2005 - 31/03/2007

Budget: EUR 80,416

Funder: EEDA

Description: The aim of the project was to promote the inclusion of a gender perspective at all policy levels, in order to contribute towards socio-economic development and social cohesion in the interregional co-operation area. Exemplas' role was to provide expert guidance with regard to gender equality provision in regional economic planning, it was achieved by research into national advertising campaigns in the region to evaluate their conformity to the equality agenda, sharing expertise with local partners and develop a set of European guidelines for advertising and setting up a local virtual agency to promote the equalities agenda.

Project Name: RESPECT (Renewing Employability Skills and Perception)

Country: East of England

Duration: 01/09/2006 - 31/03/2008

Budget: £422,040

Funder: LSC East of England

Description: This project focused on supporting and encouraging women offenders and ex-offenders (and the female dependents of ex-offenders) into enterprise, education, training and employment. The project provided support with personal and social development and pre-start softer skills training to help women overcome barriers to progression and demonstrate how they can take ownership of their own employability. The project engaged with over 400 beneficiarie.

Project Name: Science and innovation investment fund

Country: Croatia

Duration: 01/12/2009 - 01/05/2012

Budget: EUR 999,500

Funder: Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (MSES)

Description: The project will contribute to the overall competitiveness of the Croatian economy according to the Lisbon priorities and the EC Community Strategic Guidelines. It will focus on the commercialisation of R&D and thus create a production friendly environment where innovation capacity can grow and develop while increasing economic activity in knowledge based industries. The purpose of the project is to establish efficient assistance to potential beneficiaries in project pipeline preparation as well as subsequent project implementation, improving technology transfer activities within Croatia, developing partnerships between Higher Education Institutions (HEI), Public Research Organisations (PRO) and other public institutions, including the private sector. Furthermore, to ensure continuing education of the academic society in the field of technology and knowledge transfer.

Project Name: Serbian Supplier Development Programme, intensive phase, consultancy support

Country: Serbia

Duration: 01/11/2007 - 30/09/2008

Budget: EUR 230,000


Description: Exemplas led a consortium which delivered a supplier trade development programme in Serbia, funded by the World Bank, with the aim of building the capacity/competitiveness of Serbian SMEs both to increase trade and attract inward investment. The areas of expertise was focused on finance, marketing, HR, production & processes. Working alongside the University of Hertfordshire, Exemplas provided a comprehensive range of expertise and support aligned to the specific needs of businesses by adapting to meet the needs of each individual one.

Project Name: Skills Brokerage service

Country: Greater London

Duration: 01/04/2009 - 31/03/2011

Budget: £6,850,000

Funder: London Development Agency

Description: Worked with businesses of all sizes across London to understand the current needs of their employees in terms of skills and development and the aspiration of the businesses to ensure staff received learning and development to progress in their careers and enable their employers' businesses to grow. We also provided an easy access service to business support across London, ensuring support for London's employers to grow.

Project Name: Supplier Development in the Czech Republic

Country: Czech Republic

Duration: 2002 - 2005

Budget: EUR 2,000,000

Funder: EU PHARE

Description: Exemplas delivered a government-to-government “twinning programme”, on behalf of the UK government. The aim of the project was to build the capacity of small and medium sized Czech manufacturing firms in order to increase their chances of securing business from multinational companies locating in the Czech Republic. Exemplas was responsible for the provision of a range of experts with business mentoring and advisory skills to work directly with Czech companies.

Project Name: Film Green East

Country: UK

Duration: 01/11/2010 - 31/05/2011

Budget: GBP 39,900

Funder: Renewables East

Description: This project’s primary aim is to help 30 small film and television production companies in the region to reduce their carbon emissions and realise the financial benefits of resource efficiency. Main objectives includes provide workshops to improve resource efficiency for 30 SME production companies, Environmental action plans for 20 of those companies and provide on-set support for implementation for 10 of those companies.

Project Name: Small Hotel Actions to Reduce Emissions (SHARE)

Country: UK

Duration: 01/07/2010 - 31/03/2011

Budget: GBP 22,000

Funder: Renewables East

Description: The primary aim of the project was to help 40 small hotels to reduce Carbon emissions and benefit from the resource efficiency, this was achieved by holding 2 events to raise awareness of the benefits of improving resource efficiency amongst the hospitality sector.

Project Name: UH Invest

Country: UK

Duration: 01/04/2007 - 31/12/2008

Budget: EUR 29,442

Funder: HEFCE

Description: With this project Exemplas has became a key supplier of business angel activity to the University of Hertfordshire in terms of seeking firms for collaboration with the knowledge base & exploiting the potential of spin-outs and spin-ins.

Project Name: You In Business: online interactive tool providing services for women seeking to grow their business or take the next step in their career

Country: UK

Duration: 01/02/2007 - 31/03/2008

Budget: EUR 295,454

Funder: East of England Development Agency

Description: This project was to support women to overcome difficulties when taking their careers to the next step or expanding their business. It was done using an innovative online tool providing an interactive services for women. the project was acheved through identification through research of needs, preferences and barriers perceived by women on the related subject, provision of e-mentoring service and provision of online access to business showcase containing case studies.

Project Name: TRANsfer Selling and Marketing Innovation Training - TRANSMIT

Country: UK, France, Belgium, Hungary, Italy

Duration: 01/10/2009-30/09/2011

Budget: EUR 397,600

Funder: European Commission

Description: Several organisations have been set up to support innovation and industrial cooperation:. The mission of these organisations is to provide training and consulting services to their members, in particular to high-tech SMEs. The goal of the TRANSMIT project is to transfer a training program towards these European clusters (starting with a sample of five clusters). Developed and commercialised under a previous Leonardo European project, the training was conceived to address the lack of competences in sales and marketing in high-tech SMEs. In order to ensure a successful transfer, each cluster is paired with a local training institution such as a University or vocational training agency. The strategy is to build up cluster-university partnerships able to integrate, improve and diffuse the program in their region. In each partner country, the “training partner” will be providing human and pedagogical resources so as to acquire and deliver the program, whereas the “cluster partner” will be testing and deploying the training actions in the high-tech SMEs. In the short term, the project should have an impact on about 3000 European SMEs.

Project Name: Establish a Management Qualifications Centre in Amman

Country: Jordan

Duration: 24/12/2010-24/08/2011

Budget: undisclosed

Funder: EC via Better Business

Description: The aim of the project was to establish a management qualifications centre in Jordan and build the capacity of local staff to deliver the relevant training, assess students’ work and process their application for a recognised qualification.


The awarding body that supported the project was the UK’s Chartered Management Institute (CMI), and the project resulted in the establishment of a fully accredited CMI centre at management trainers, BetterBusiness, in Amman.


The following actions are required to establish a CMI Centre:

  • An organisation’s trainers need to learn to be able to deliver the core CMI courses
  • An organisation needs to develop assessors, who can assess to see if individual candidates have reached the right level, by judging the assignments they have written
  • An organisation needs to learn how to run a CMI accreditation centre, which means learning the processes, QA and paper work which the Institute requires, as well as marketing the Centre
  • An organisation needs to submit a formal application to the Institute

The project involved Exemplas experts taking the Jordanian team through each of these stages, providing training and knowledge input where necessary. The end product is that BetterBusiness are able to operate in their own right as a centre and have been successfully recognised and accredited by the CMI.

Project Name: Slovak Investment Readiness Programme

Country: Slovakia

Duration: April 2005 – March 2006

Budget: €120,000

Funder: UK government

Description: Exemplas worked with Slovakia’s National Agency for the Development of SMEs (NADSME) to raise understanding among key staff members of the processes required for SMEs to seek funding through informal venture capital.

The aim of the project was to:

  • set up framework/measures for creating a risk capital market in Slovakia and
  • build capacity of NADSME to introduce services that support Slovak SMEs´ access to private funds.

Project Name: Future Leaders Management Development programme

Country: UAE

Duration: September 2005 – May 2006

Budget: undisclosed

Funder: directly by the beneficiary

Description: Exemplas worked with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce to grow their capacity to deliver certified management development training with the backing of the UK's Chartered Management Institute. Part of the project included delivery of a Certificate in Management programme to 30 junior managers from a major local employer.

Project Name: Organisational Development & Investors in People

Country: Egypt

Duration: April 2007 – March 2008

Budget: €43,000

Funder: European Commission via Egyptian government Description: Exemplas worked with the government’s Central Agency for Organisation and Administration to assess their internal HR policies, systems and processes ahead of making recommendations for improvement. As a result the Agency was certified as meeting the Investors in People standard.

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