Starting a business

Assisting entrepreneurs and start-up businesses

New business and start-ups are vital for driving economic performance, increasing employment, raising living standards and creating inclusive societies. However, start-ups and entrepreneurs often face obstacles that can lead to failure, including a lack of support and experience. The Exemplas Business Start-Up Programme comprises a range of solutions that can be adapted to your needs, including workshops on essential skills and training that enables your team to deliver effective support:

  • Assessment of business plans: demonstrating the importance of good business acumen and realistic financial planning.
  • Business ideas workshops: revealing proven techniques for generating successful ideas.
  • Starting your own business workshops: helping people set up and run sustainable new businesses.
  • Business planning workshops: covering the business planning process, including accounting, marketing and business structure.
  • Coaching and mentoring: working with entrepreneurs and business managers to create the foundations for sustainable businesses.

Creating entrepreneurial centres of excellence

Bringing expertise together to deliver the culture and environment necessary to create profitable, growing businesses, the Centres of Excellence service from Exemplas provides public organisations with the support, advice, events and access to finance they need to establish hubs of expertise.

Our services include launching and supporting entrepreneurial centres for universities seeking to embed entrepreneurialism within the mindset and culture of their students and the wider community, and backing businesses by providing industrial and science parks where they can thrive.

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Driving business growth and stimulating enterprise.

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"At Exemplas, we are experienced in overcoming every challenge, delivering bespoke solutions that ensure businesses contribute significantly to their country's economic growth."