Growing a business

Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

SMEs are fuelling growth in most modern economies. But many SME support structures are poorly planned and badly fragmented. This can result in duplicated effort, competing services and inefficient use of resources. Our business support solution assists SMEs effectively - raising awareness, enhancing services and helping you resolve major development challenges.

The solution comprises six steps:

  • Introductory workshop: explaining the business support concept and how it can work within your economy.
  • Feasibility study: establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for setting up effective SME support in your country or region.
  • Structure analysis: comparing your current structure with international best practice.
  • Rollout plan: developing a detailed rollout plan and gaining stakeholder support.
  • Consultancy: supporting the rollout; including developing organisational structures, staff job descriptions, competency frameworks, initial product suites, staff training and accreditation, client engagement, and growth and sustainability plans.

Setting new standards for business support

There are various factors involved in ensuring that people and agencies can support SMEs effectively. Delivered by Exemplas, the Business Advice and Support International Standard (BASIS) provides a statement of best practice, with practical support and training for those working directly with SMEs to achieve their full potential.

Promoting international trade

Trading internationally can secure major economic benefits. However, businesses typically fail to exploit the opportunities through a lack of expertise and information. The Export Programme from Exemplas unlocks these opportunities through three bespoke services:

  • Developing international trade potential: We provide consultancy, training, products and services to help you run export seminars and workshops, international business reviews, and directly support businesses to export.
  • Accessing international markets:We deliver product development support and consultancy to enable you to provide market and sector analysis, identify business opportunities, set up export marketing research schemes, provide market visit support, deliver exhibition visits and exhibitor support, and offer inward missions and 'Meet the Buyer' events.
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): We provide consultancy and training in identifying a region's strengths and weaknesses, assessing target sectors and businesses, establishing marketing and promotions, and developing an integrated service.

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