Finance and Innovation

Strengthening high-growth businesses

Innovative high-growth businesses contribute disproportionately to productivity, employment and economic growth. Supporting them can be complex, requiring sophisticated market research and planning and investment in people, products and assets.

Exemplas has the experience to meet the needs of these businesses through the High Growth and Innovation Programme which includes:

  • Notional board meetings: providing independent, expert advice to help businesses plan their strategy and implement new skills.
  • Coaching and mentoring: working with the management team to help create a strategy, develop ideas, and test products, processes and markets.
  • Financial packaging: connecting businesses with the finance they need to grow.
  • Networking: providing access to support networks, helping businesses develop products and improve their operations.

Providing access to finance

Accessing finance is one of the biggest barriers facing new businesses and SMEs. Applying for finance can be complicated, while many businesses are unaware of the support available to them.

Our Access to Finance solution helps business support organisations connect companies with the funding they need to grow:

  • Developing financial support programmes: including financial awareness workshops and investment-readiness programmes.
  • Creating a business angel network: recruiting and briefing potential investors.
  • Preparing business plans:running workshops to help businesses prepare business plans, and delivering programmes to assist with obtaining finance.
  • Training staff and advisers:helping your people provide bespoke financial packaging services to businesses.

Supporting research, development and innovation

Competitive, vibrant economies are built on businesses' ability to innovate, adapt and develop. This is also critical for obtaining government investment in research and development, and creating working environments that encourage innovation.

Exemplas can support your initiatives through our Research and Development Programme. The solution ensures businesses establish realistic growth projections and scenarios within a five-year development plan.

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