Unlocking International opportunities

Business growth and personal capabilities are the engines of economic performance worldwide. Within these pages you will discover how Exemplas helps drive continued economic success through two compelling portfolios: Entrepreneurial Support and Skills Development.

Securing economic and business growth requires assistance from a global team renowned for developing businesses, economies and skills. Whether you are a public organisation supporting businesses and delivering skills, an individual setting up a company, or an expanding enterprise, Exemplas will help realise your ambitions.

We are a business, skills and economic development company with an international reputation for supporting governments, organisations, businesses and individuals. As part of the UK’s award-winning University of Hertfordshire, we provide a blend of unrivalled expertise and learning resources from specialist consultants, business advisers, leading-edge trainers and personal coaches.

With Exemplas you can source all the solutions you need from one place, saving you time and money, and providing a consistent approach. Whatever your aspirations, we will work closely with you to define your objectives and create bespoke solutions that deliver exceptional results.

Delivering economic and business success

  • Implementing effective processes, groundwork, strategies and operations
  • Helping start-ups, small and medium enterprises(SMEs) and high-growth businesses succeed
  • Providing businesses with access to finance
  • Delivering international trade opportunities and benefits
  • Equipping people with vital business and technical skills
  • Participating in donor-funded development projects

International Brochure

Driving business growth and stimulating enterprise.

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"At Exemplas, we are experienced in overcoming every challenge, delivering bespoke solutions that ensure businesses contribute significantly to their country's economic growth."