At Exemplas, we recognise the difficulties individuals can face when trying to find employment or progress into a new role that requires qualifications and experience. We can support you in improving your skills and unlocking your potential through a range of qualifications and training options. Whether it is completing an Apprenticeship or attending one of our pre-employment courses, you will have the chance to create new opportunities and open doors to future success. We also offer a free recruitment service that allows us to match you to recruiting employers.

Qualifications and training available include:

Pre-employment training and recruitment service

Before employing new people, companies need to know you have the skills necessary to meet their business needs immediately. Delivered by our specialist team, our Pre-employment Programmes put you in a position to succeed by providing free-of-charge quality training, ongoing skills development, and a free recruitment and vacancy matching service to ensure that we place you into employment with actively recruiting local businesses.

Apprenticeships and Study Programme

We offer Apprenticeships for people of all ages, workplace learning programmes for people over the age of 19 without Level 2 qualifications, IT Training and Business Courses.

Study Programme is a training programme for young people between the ages of 16 and 18. The programme is designed to help young people progress to a Level 2 programme such as an apprenticeship, a diploma or GCSEs/A Levels.

Intermediate apprenticeships and advanced apprenticeships are employer-based training programmes leading to vocational and knowledge qualifications at Levels 2, 3 or 4, key skills, an understanding of employee rights and responsibilities and the development of personal learning and thinking skills.

Vocational areas

Exemplas delivers Apprenticeship training in a range of subject areas - including Business Administration, IT, Customer Service, Retail, Hairdressing and Barbering, Motor Vehicle and Health and Social Care. For more experienced employees, we also offer Apprenticeship training in Team Leading and Management training. For details on our apprenticeship schemes please click the links below:

Study Programme


Training for Adults

Chelsea & Westminster NHS Trust Case Study

Exemplas gives you quick and easy access to trained, workplace-ready individuals.

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"Exemplas gives you quick and easy access to trained, workplace-ready individuals."

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