Maximising Top Team Capability To Drive Business Growth

Driving high growth business success

Ensuring a healthy cash flow. Finding finance to grow. Recruiting and retaining a high calibre workforce. Reviewing plans and refining strategies. As a high-growth company with the desire to succeed, you will recognise all these challenges and more. While you’re busy working to sustain growth, making sure you have the right processes, behaviours and strategies to create compelling customer propositions can seem an impossible task. There is a solution: the Exemplas Business Accelerator Programme.

Delivering transformational growth

The Exemplas Business Accelerator Programme is a suite of tailored modules designed to provide transformational growth. Delivered by our expert facilitators, the programme will rapidly empower your senior team to create the strategies your business needs to ensure its continued success.

The Exemplas Business Accelerator Programme will:

  • provide your senior team with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to drive unparalleled growth
  • identify your barriers to success and empower you to focus on developing new efficiencies, strategies and customer propositions
  • establish a shared vision for success throughout your business
  • implement solutions that immediately change your business for the better
  • enhance your organisation’s attractiveness to potential funders and investors.

Potential funding available

The Government’s flagship GrowthAccelerator support service may be able to cover half of the full cost of the programme, depending on your organisation’s eligibility.

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Driving business growth and stimulating enterprise.

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