South Cambridgeshire Business Support Service

The South Cambridgeshire Business Support Service is running a range of fully-funded webinars and workshops in the local area. Whether you are thinking of starting or developing your business and its people, our webinars and workshops are free-to-attend and are available to anyone in a South Cambridgeshire postcode.

Covering a wide range of topics and designed to meet specific needs, our webinars and workshops provide the information you need to gain a competitive edge for your business and deliver measurable improvements to your bottom–line. They are packed with new ideas and techniques to help your business succeed.

This season’s webinar and workshop topics and locations have been devised based on a recent survey of businesses in the South Cambridgeshire District; so there should be a date and a subject to suit a range of different types of business.

Free business support

A unique feature of the workshop element of our programme is the free support that you will receive after attending a workshop, this is delivered either by phone or via email, from one of our experienced business advisers.  This support is designed to help you plan and implement what you have gained from the workshop into developing your business and to help you successfully meet future challenges and your objectives.

For more information simply call: 0844 346 0755 or email.