UK businesses are set to be at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution

21 April, 2016

The EU Commission has published details on how businesses across the EU, including those in the UK, can get better access to the technologies that will help them to modernise.

Businesses will invest in technology this year

11 April, 2016

Transforming into digital has never been an easy task for businesses, but they’re ready to take the challenge on and confront the obstacles that are standing in their way.

Are millennials the future of franchising?

6 April, 2016

With young people really beginning to make their mark as franchisees, the bfa’s Cathryn Hayes looks at how the industry needs to adapt. Source:, 2016. 

Twitter's tenth birthday

23 March, 2016

Having celebrated the tenth birthday of Twitter this week, it is worth stepping back and looking at the influence of the social media tool on the way we communicate online.

UK businesses are becoming more innovative

21 March, 2016

More UK businesses are coming up with new ideas and launching new products, according to a Government Study. 

Budget 2016 – Key Points at a Glance

16 March, 2016

George Osborne today promised a “fundamental reform of the business tax system” and a road map for business tax to make the country more competitive. 

British Chambers of Commerce cuts UK growth forecast due to global slowdown

14 March, 2016

The British Chambers of Commerce cut its forecast for economic growth on Friday, blaming a weaker global economy

Baroness Mone publishes ‘Be the boss’ review

2 March, 2016

Findings of an independent review to help increase business start-ups in the most disadvantaged communities across Great Britain.

Our Mission

Together. Realising Potential. Creating a better future for Britain’s businesses.

A thriving population of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) provides the cornerstone of the British economy. It is these businesses who ultimately deliver the expertise, agility and innovation that drive the UK’s local, national, regional and global success.

This is what inspired the inception of Exemplas and we are proud that, since then, over half a million SMEs have benefited from our visionary support and guidance to help them grow and fulfil their potential.

Using this experience, and our heritage as part of the University of Hertfordshirethe UK's leading business-facing university, we are working with an emerging generation of SME owners and managers to help them move from start up to sustainability.  And this is why we lead the way in developing and implementing collaborative strategies with partners from industry, academia and government to shape the future for small business.

Latest Updates


  • The EU Commission has published details on how businesses across the EU, including those in the UK, can get...

  • David Moule has been appointed CEO of business consultancy, Exemplas.  

  • Transforming into digital has never been an easy task for businesses, but they’re ready to take the...



  •  A survey of over 18,000 academics in the UK, published by the National Centre for Universities and...

  • It is no secret that having effective managers can be a huge benefit to SMEs, yet it is often a struggle to...

  • When it comes to development, coaching is very much the in vogue term. But is it a passing fad or is it here...


Industry Insights

  • of private sector businesses in the UK are SMES
  • of UK private sector employment is created by SMEs
  • of GDP is contributed by SMEs
  • of UK SMEs export

About Us

It has been well over two decades since Exemplas first started helping smaller and start-up businesses to develop and fulfil their potential. Since then, as the not-for-profit commercial arm of the University of Hertfordshire, we’ve shared our visionary approach to business growth and success with over 100,000 UK SMEs.

We are passionately committed to working with policy-makers, our SME peers, major corporates and academics to do everything we can together to create the best possible environment for the UK’s smaller businesses to flourish.

Our Brands

We take painstaking care to constantly evolve and improve our diverse portfolio of business support and skills services. Each is driven by our passionate belief in the power of expert diagnosis, advice and analysis to guide businesses to sustainable success.

Mainly focused on the SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) sector and often delivered in collaboration with expert partners, our services enable us to provide effective business support and skills guidance at every stage from start-up to establishment.

Business Support

From specialist support for exporters and social enterprises, to creating powerful links with universities, formulating strategies for success and identifying expert local consultants who can help implement them, our business-support line-up is the proven stimulus behind countless business success stories.

Skills Development

We care deeply about helping people and businesses perform better, for brighter careers, stronger firms and healthier communities. And ultimately, of course, for a more competitive UK economy. That’s why the skills agenda has been at the heart of what we do for over two decades. Today is no different.